Sky Stone Freebie Giveaway!

Sky Stone giveaway

Recently Sky Stone has undergone a full re-edit (thanking again my lovely editor Vanessa Wells). Now that revised version of Sky Stone is online and available for purchase.

So, with the second edition of Sky Stone now available I thought I would celebrate by offering it to you all for free!
For only 2 weeks, ending on the 12th of September, Sky Stone is available on instaFreebie as a free epub download.
Great opportunity for you readers who haven’t taken the plunge in to the land of Branzia and want to get a taste, but also for you fab people who already had a copy of the previous edition of Sky Stone.

Grab the new Sky Stone here for free:


New Guest Posts Dec 2015-Jan 2016

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Guest Post: Christine Campbell – #NaNoWriMo and Going With the Flow

Christine Campbell on #NaNoWriMo and what it teaches authors. I have considered participating, perhaps I will try writing a novel in a month one day.

Guest Post: Francis Powell – Publishing and Promotion Dilemmas

Guest post on my blog by Francis Powell. Publishing and Promotion Dilemmas!

​I wonder how many authors there are like me…

You go through the long haul of finding a publisher to publish your book, in my case a book of 22 short stories.  It’s a euphoric feeling when you have news that your manuscript that you have sweated over, finally has a home, is finally going to see light of day. For me what happened afterwards was perplexing and frustrating…