Guest Post: Sarah Cotchaleovitch – The Inner Workings of the Serial Writer

Guest post on my ‪‎blog‬ by the wonderful Sarah Cotchaleovitch. Welcome back Sarah! This is an awesome article and I’m sure many authors find they have this problem. I’m always coming up with new, ‘unwanted’, ideas about my first book… too bad it’s already published.

Vignette – Vigilante Love

Vignette – Vigilante Love

Here’s another scene that I wrote as part of a Google+ competition for fun. The idea was to start with the line, ‘There are few things in the world that frighten me more than…’ It was fun to write this and once again in a different genre than I’m used to. Almost apocalyptic, futurist stuff with guns. I like this quite a bit and am considering writing a little more. We’ll see…

vigilante love image

April Blog Post Update

Here are April’s blog posts! Once again getting lazy with keeping you guys updated. I’ll try to get better! *bows apologetically*

Guest Post: Justin M Sloan – Publishing Your Fantasy as a Serial 

Oh, But My Lovelies!

– A blog post by me about the author’s nemesis, but necessary evil: culling unnecessary words from our manuscripts no matter how much we love them!

Guest Post: Vanessa Wells – Yes, You CAN Afford an Editor!

Guest Post: Samantha Bryant – Reclaiming the Cape

Guest Post: Alan Wallach – Kieran and the Weird Window